Essay On Sexual Identity

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Cody Vu Professor. Nomura HSC 425 February 15, 2018 Sexual Identity Sexual identity is an extremely appropriate and complex topic today. A person’s gender is identified based on genetics, hormones, biological, organs, reproductive and environmental factors. Whether the person is male or female, they have their own sense and physical idea about the sexual identity. Have you ever given much basic idea to your own insight, desires, or way of life as a sexual being? Most people haven’t thought about that. In your life, there are more important ideas of self-reflection than sex. Generally, people identify others with their personal ideas that based on social and environmental factors. Human was born with the characteristics of sex which is a concept…show more content…
I personally believe that Buddha instructed the five precepts to direct us absent from hurting ourselves and others. It should be paid particular attention that the precepts are not commandments, and are five things we should to attempt to abstain from. On the off chance that sexual act is not going to cause hurt. Moreover, it should be be consensual, affectionate, adoring and not breaking any marriage pledge or commitment. It should not be abusive and injurious, such as sex with an under-age individual or assault, and this includes forcing your partner into having sex. So I believe in this way a consenting, and homosexual act are not in any way against Buddha’s lessons. He cleared out this precept sweet and basically. In some ways, this is a great thing, as I don’t think sacred men and religions should concern themselves with the sexual act. However, as it is so vague it does grant others the chance to express it in a way that suits their world view and permits them to tag all of their partialities onto it. The next aspect of my personal view of sexual identity is gender roles. In the past few decades, Vietnamese traditional views on gender roles have been challenged. Traditionally, having sons was always more important than having daughters in Vietnam. People were more concerned on the value that men was always dominate over women. In the home, women were described with a term “family take-carers” while
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