Comparing Margaret Atwood's 'Homelanding And' Interlocking Pieces

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Tanmay Rastogi 250636156 English 2071F - Science Fiction Science fiction is a genre of literature that explores the wildest possibilities of the future through science and technology. However, this genre can be controversial as authors often explore and potentially exaggerate the social conventions of the time. Often, women are underrepresented in comparison to males and when women are represented, they are portrayed as inferior to men. Ursula Le Guin’s The left Hand of Darkness, Margaret Atwood’s “Homelanding” and Molly Gloss’ “Interlocking Pieces”, all explore this theme of gender inequality and discrimination, while acting as a didactic tale of social criticism. ADDD MORE An alien world known as Gethen (also known as winter)…show more content…
Atwood makes an effort to describe human beings to an alien, and her narrative shines light upon human societal norms through an unconventional perspective. She begins the description by noting distinct physical differences, stating that “[s]ome of my people have a pointed but boneless external appendage in the front, below the navel or midpoint. Others do not. Debate about whether the possession of such a thing is an advantage or a disadvantage is still going on” (Atwood 794). Through this statement, Atwood introduces the ongoing conflict for equality between the two genders. By introducing this conflict in the description of mankind, it is evident that Atwood believes that men are the cause of inequality and this notion is further strengthned when she explains that “[t]he [males] tell the [females] that the latter are not people at all and are in reality more akin to dogs or potatoes, and the [females] abuse the [males] for their obsession with images of poking, thrusting, probing and stabbing” (Atwood 795). Through this vivid description of our society, Atwood establishes that women are inferior to men and that the struggle of inequality roots from mankind. Thus, through “Homelanding” Atwood makes an effort to express her views upon a society with gender discrimination

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