Worldshaker Chapter Summary

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Worldshaker by Richard Harland explored gender equalities through the divergence of the “Upper Decks” and the “Filthies”, a side by side comparison followed by a resilient revolution that was caused by their differences, part of which relates to gender inequality. People from the Upper Deck were granted different power in its social hierarchy in terms of gender, biased in favour of males, whilst women from the Filthies have the advocacy of men based off skills and leadership instead, not who they were born. These were shown through the third person narrative point of view of the protagonist, Col; Col was born into the most powerful and influential house, the “Porpentines”. He was taught to assume gender inequality as normal before the exposure to the darker side of his society, the hidden demoralized truth. As we follow through his thoughts, he started to question the unfairness that resemble in his society through a Filthies’ influence and planned to put an end to such prejudice. Harland informed us of how women were treated unfairly in a society through the contrast of the Queen, Col’s elder sister Gillabeth and Col’s grandmother Ebnolia to Filthies’ two revolutionary councillors Riff and Fossie. In reflection, parts of our current world still contain gender…show more content…
For instance, a wife must obey her husband and must not leave home without his permission in Yemen; in some countries, women must legally be accompanied by a male guardian when they leave home, restricting their freedom of

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