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Alfred Kinsey Alfred Kinsey is a man who explored human sexuality. He was a highly respected scientist until he decided to study sexuality. He never let anyone stop him from continuing what he thought was important. I found his studies to be enlightening and interesting. I believe that Alfred Kinsey was an intelligent man that changed the way we looked at sexual tendencies. Alfred Kinsey was born in the small town of Hobokin, New Jersey on June 23, 1894. He was born into a Methodist family. His parents were Sarah Ann Charles Kinsey and Alfred Seguine Kinsey. Alfred Seguine Kinsey was a teacher at a technology school. Both of his parents were traditionalist and dedicated to their faith. Growing up young Kinsey was constantly sick and…show more content…
His father wanted him to pursue engineering. Young Kinsey had other plans though and quickly changed to a school that would benefit him and his endeavors. Kinsey graduated from Bowdoin College as magna cum laude and Phi Beta Kappa. He completed his degree in biology and psychology. Even though he was studying hard, he still had time for the YMCA camps. Kinsey then went to Harvard to finish his PhD. Kinsey studied under William Morton Wheeler, an entomologist who studied ant colonies. During this time Kinsey decided to study gall wasp and wrote his dissertation on the gall wasps. Kinsey finished his PhD in Zoology in 1919. He won a Sheldon Traveling Fellowship. This fellowship paid for a year in the field for Kinsey. Kinsey visited remote areas of the United States to study the gall wasps. In 1920 he joined Indiana University to join the zoology department. Alfred Kinsey studied gall wasp for twenty years. He studied the taxonomy of gall wasps. When he went to school the focus was the standard specimens. Kinsey had a different way of studying these species. He would collect thousands of the wasps to study, yet most people thought you only needed to collect a few to find your answers. Kinsey did not believe that only studying a few would not lead to exact answers about this

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