Argumentative Essay On Same Sex Marriage

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Same sex marriages a different lifestyle is an upcoming issue in many countries. India having a significant cultural history is no exception. Recently, USA has legalised Gay marriages. The question today is ‘Should Gay Marriages be legalised in India?’ Before coming to any conclusion a fruitful discussion on the topic considering the historical, political, economical, religious perspective of the country needs to be done. Historical Background History provides evidence of same sex relationship. Rig-Veda depicts ‘sexual acts between women as revelations of a feminine world where sexuality was based on pleasure and fertility’. Kamasutra portrays homosexual acts like the Harems of young boys kept by Muslim Nawabs and Hindu Aristocrats. There are evidences of sodomy in the Tantric rituals and male homosexuality in the Medieval Muslim period. However, with the advent of Vedic Brahmanism and British colonialism this…show more content…
People have a right to express themselves. In a democratic country values such as liberty, equality and Human Rights should be in practice rather than just being on paper. Legalising gay marriage is one of the wars of equality like war against slavery, war for women rights etc. In my opinion everyone should be equal let them be homosexual or heterosexual. Main reason for opposition in India is people’s perspective is guided by religious views and society acceptance. Society attaches stigma against homosexuality. Talking about Indian culture, it is very diverse. We have various cultures and religion coexisting in India. As per the current marriage act a person can get married as per the marriage act of his/ her faith. Marginalizing this community will give no solution. If gay marriages are legalised than the stigma attached to it will diminish gradually. Also in villages cases of honour killing will reduce if the mindset of government and public is

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