Fungi Harmful Effects

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Fungi are eukaryotic organisms that can be classified into two main group; yeast and molds. Fungi are either saprophytic, parasitic or symbiotic. They exist in almost every kind of habitat. Their existence in nature can be said to be both beneficial and harmful. Useful Effects of Fungi Fungi play important roles in many aspects of human life and in the environment. Examples of the useful effects of fungi are: 1. Industrial Use: Fungi form the most useful basis in industries like, baking and brewing (Saccharomyces), preparation of cheese (Penicillium) and commercial production of citric acid (Aspergillus niger). Fungi are also used as insect biocontrol agents. 2. In Medicine The Wonder drug, penicillin, is an antibiotic extracted…show more content…
Many mushrooms are edible and different species are cultivated for sale world-wide. Mushrooms contain large amount of vitamin D2. Cetraria, the ‘Iceland moss’ is used as food by the na¬tives of Sweden, Norway and other western countries. Harmful Effects of Fungi In spite of the usefulness of fungi, they are also harmful in various ways, either directly or indirectly. Examples of the harmful effects of fungi include: 1. Plant Diseases: More than 8,000 species of fungi infect plants, making fungi the most prevalent plant pathogens, or disease-causing organisms. Disease causing fungi are found in class Phycomycetes, Ascomycetes, Basidiomycetes and Fungi Imperfecti. Examples of Plant Fungal Diseases are Tikka Disease of groundnut, White rut of crucifiers, Club root Disease. 2. Human Diseases: The following are the various ways in which fungi are harmful to man: • Systemic Mycoses Four fungal species; Histoplasma capsulatum, Paracoccidioides brasiliensis, Coccidioides immitis, and Blastomyces dermatitidis, characteristically produce spores that lead to systemic mycoses, fungal infections that affect more than one part of the body. In healthy individuals, the infection either produces no symptoms or clears up on its own. In people with compromised immune systems and the very young or very old, inhalation of fungal spores produces widespread illness in several organs at once and may cause

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