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Color is basically the most important factor in anything we use. [1].In past few years, there has been a lot of research on natural pigments. These natural pigments are called “bio colors” because they are extracted from vegetables, roots, fruits and from microorganisms. So the pigment from microorganisms are called “microbial pigments” [2, 3] as well. Naturally existing colorants have very interesting history started from Bronze Age in Europe towards China where natural dyes were 1st time used in history, Indian subcontinent during Indus Valley Civilization and so on [4]. In bio colors, microbial pigment extraction is a recent approach which is increasing its value day by day from different sources and under different conditions of parameters. As compare to natural dyes synthetic dyes are cheaper but these are toxic [5]. Due to this toxic effect many synthetic dyes have banned so that’s why natural dyes are now preferred [6]. Old means of natural dyes were plants but microbes are latest approach. Excessive use of colorant in industries give in return the huge amount of waste disposal which is rich in chemicals dangerous for the environmental stability [7]. And because of mixing with the water these effluents enter in the environment to pollute marine life…show more content…
Bacteria and fungi are major source of pigments. Bacteria like Chromo bacterium violaceum, Serratia marcescens and Chryseobacterium sp. producing violet, red and yellow-orange pigments in very harsh conditions and by specific methodology [9]. Fungus like Monascus purpurus, Emmerciella sp., Penicillum sp., Fusarium sp., Thermomyces sp., Aspergillus sp. etc. are also source of some good pigments in different industries[10,11]. New experiments are in process to improve the yield of these natural colorants which have no harmful side effects on the food. Fungi, protozoa and yeast are also giving us some pigments from different

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