Franklin D. Roosevelt's Response To The Great Depression

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The Great Depression was the worst economic downturn in United States History. The Stock Market Crash of 1929 led to a significant decrease in consumer spending and a drop of investment, resulting in overproduction. With less goods needing to be produced, people were put out of work, resulting in mass unemployment. With many people not having a job, people who are unable to provide for their families resulting in poverty throughout the nation. To amend this tragic occurrence, Franklin D. Roosevelt and his administration proposed the New Deal. In this document, new programs were introduced to slowly bring the nation out of the Great Depression. Although Franklin D Roosevelt and his administration faced some critics, their responses to the problems…show more content…
These programs created jobs for the unemployed, as well as regulated certain business practices. FDR believed that the program was “evolution not revolution”(Document C), and that these new policies would change the economy for the better. An example of one of these policies was the Social Security Administration. This administration provided “ a monthly check”(Document E) to those above the age of 65. This act gave the elderly money since they were incapable of working for themselves. Some other acts like the Civilian Conservation Corps, the Public Works Administration, the Civil Works Administration and the Works Progress Administration create new jobs helping with the issue of unemployment. There were also certain programs created to help relieve those struggling from poverty such as the Federal Emergency Relief Administration. One of the more controversial topics brought about with the New Deal was the regulation of certain business practices. Acts such as the National Recovery Administration , the Federal Securities Act , the Securities and Exchange Commission and the Fair Labor Standards act mainly impacted big businesses. Some believed that the government had too much control over businesses leading to tension between these companies and the government. The New Deal resulted in the federal government being more present in people's everyday lives. These acts led to beneficial changes in the United States Economy.The New Deal, proposed by FDR and his administration, assisted the United States economy at a time of need. It brought necessary changes that allowed the nation to recover from the Great Depression. The government became responsible for managing working conditions, resulting in more available jobs for the people. Requirements were “imposed in order to govern the details of defendant management of their local

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