Meursault As A Hero In The Stranger By Albert Camus

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Albert Camus portrayed Meursault as a hero severally in ‘The Stranger’ but readers of this book will think otherwise because he didn’t react to death or complications like other people would do. Meursault was a different person but the attitude he had depictes would be seen by readers who don’t really look into the type of man he is as nonchalant and apathetic. Truth be told Meursault does come off like that in the book, for instance when he is at the nursing home for his Maman’s funeral and his mother’s friends are crying, he doesn’t cry neither does he go to introduce himself and console them, society would obviously deem this as wrong or heartless but I view it as Meursault just wanting to leave everything, he has taken it in that he has lost his Maman and can’t do anything about it.…show more content…
Meursault is not your average hero he’s the rarest type of hero which is known as an Anti-hero as well as a Modern Hero. Anti-hero’s are rare because they are portrayed as wrong doers, libertines or even as villains at the start of the story but as time goes on they regain their conscience and then start being “regular heroes” some of them you have to look closely into them, observe their characteristics, actions and reactions to things to discern that they are

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