Four Parts Of Medicare

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The Four Parts of Medicare The four parts of Medicare Health Insurance are, Medicare part A, Medicare part B, Medicare part C, and Medicare part D. They all have different health care coverage. Medicare part A provides health care coverage for patients stay in the hospital for a fixed amount of days, (100 days). It covers their treatments and nursing aiding once they are discharged from the hospital. Hospice, psychiatric, and home healthcare is also provide for a fixed amount of days. Hospice is provided for patients that are in their last days and nothing else can be done. The hospital nursing staff duties are to try to keep the patient as comfortable as possible as they approach their last days. Palliative is the care used for pain and also…show more content…
There is no monthly payment for this enrollment if the patents or persons qualify for social security benefits. According to this website Medicare part a came into existence on July 30, 1965. Medicare part B covers patient’s that have doctor’s visits, outpatient services such as: diagnosis, test, labs, and physical therapy. It is not a mandatory program it is just an option for Medicare patients that are receiving Medicare part a in which they can enroll in if they choose. Unlike Medicare part A there is a monthly payment base on the individual’s income. Medicare part b came into existence on July 1, 1966. Medicare part C is a healthcare managed organization (HMO) plan that consist of optional plans like being able to choose the Medicare managed plan they want, Medicare advantage plans that cover those enrolled under a private insurance companies that are contracted with Medicare. The Medicare Advantage plans consist of PPO’s, special needs plans, Medicare savings plans and private fee-for-services plans also. Medicare part c came into existence in 1997 and was utilized in 1999.…show more content…
According to this website the former President Henry S Truman becoming Medicare’s first beneficiary and obtain ownership of the first Medicare card. Johnson wanted everyone to give Truman his credit due, who in 1945 had become the first “President to propose health insurance, an initiative at the time was rejected by congress”. Benefits of Part B Medicare Coverage In like manner Medicare Part B came into existence on July 1, 1966. This program objectives were to cover half of the program cost and the other 50 percent was finance by the federal general revenue. Because the policymakers kept premiums at 50 percent of the premiums cost, it cause the beneficiary premiums to rise at a fast speed. This program is not mandatory it is by chose only and there is a monthly Medicare Advantage Plans Medicare Part C is the Medicare Advantage Plan where there are multiple plans to choose from. It also give patients the option to go to the doctors of their choice. They will also receive a Medicare Part C card that is necessary for emergency care and other medical care, to name a few. Medicare subsidizes Part of Medicare Part C premiums, but these coverages is decided according to the plan chosen.

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