The Pros And Cons Of Grant-In-Aid Programs

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Grant-in-aid programs began to grow rapidly because while the federal government would pay, the states would use the money to fund the local issues and help stimulate the state’s economic situation. The appeal to the state officials was made up in four reasons: 1) there was money, thanks to high tariffs from the 1880s; 2) the federal income tax was created, when surplus decreased, and it generated more money into the economy; 3) the federal government managed the currency and could print more at will, though technically it was borrowed money that didn’t need to be repaid, whereas the states would have to pay it back in full. 11) The federal grants began to change in the 1960s because the federal government started to devise grant programs…show more content…
Unfunded mandates are what are given to the state government by the federal government that has no funds given, but of which the states are expected to carry out their mandates. 17) The federal government imposes costs on state and local government by the imposing of acts such as Medicare, Medicaid, etc. The role of the Supreme Court is to decide whether or not laws are constitutional or not, while the state and local courts deal with felonies and misdemeanors to civil court cases. The role of the conditions of aid has also been created, even though technically they are supposed to be voluntary taken, there are strings attached or conditions. The conditions are what some citizens depend on for their entire lives and therefore have been integrated into our society. 18) Devolution is the ability for the federal government to pass on to the states federal actions. The changes to the federal welfare law exemplified devolution in the example of Clinton’s signing of the federal welfare law in 1996 of which ended the federal guarantee of support and turned over a federal program for the management by the states, also known as devolution. The results of the reform has been more government regulations, great decreases in welfare, and a significant increase in spending by the government causing debt for the states and local

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