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The Best Masters Degrees for Returning Veterans According to the National Center for Veterans Analysis and Statistics (NCVAS), over 900,000 veterans are taking advantage of available educational benefits. Many veterans face different problems upon returning to civilian life. However, a master’s degree is an excellent way for veterans to increase their professional skills and career opportunities. Below introduces some of the best masters degrees for returning veterans. Master of Criminal Justice A military background fits perfectly with a master’s in Criminal Justice. Returning veterans have the discipline, training and skills that go well with this unique academic field. A veteran with a master’s in Criminal Justice is the ideal candidate…show more content…
Any veteran who worked in a healthcare related MOS is an ideal candidate for a master’s in Nursing. There are a variety of bridge programs and dual degree programs for working nurses who wish to pursue higher education. A master’s degree in nursing allow allows for different degree and career specialties, such as acute, family, clinical or mental health care. Master of Computer and Information Technology (MCIT) This degree is ideal for any veteran with an IT related MOS. Returning veterans have the advantage of years of training and experience with using cutting edge military technology and equipment. The IT field offers a variety of different jobs in almost every industry. In addition to this, an MCIT degree also offers specialized areas of study that are well-matched for veterans, such as cyber-warfare, homeland security and cyber-forensics. Master of Arts in Diplomacy Former members of the military have the perfect background for pursuing a diplomacy or international relations master’s degree. Veterans that have worked abroad will have advantages over their fellow students in different ways. For example, serving in the U.S. military abroad provides exposure to different cultures, languages and societies. Veterans will already be educated about U.S. military history and foreign relations. A diplomacy degree is an excellent way to develop professionally while making positive contributions to global

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