Four Goals Of The Progressive Era

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All the presidents of the Progressive Era influenced the United States positively and left their mark as to what is expected of a president of today's modern world. They each trusted busts and established regulations for big businesses. However, their individual impact on the progression of the Progressive Movement is based upon their success of their reforms and whether or not their reforms supported the four goals of the Progressive Era: protecting social welfare, promoting moral improvement, creating economic reform, and increasing efficiency. I believe that President Taft was the least Progressive president of this era because he had few successful reforms taking place that benefited the middle class and the little man. Under President…show more content…
The New Freedom campaign was divided into several branches ranging from taxes and tariffs to busting monopolies like the past two presidents. Instead of having little competition for monopolies, President Wilson established lower tariffs through the Underwood Tariff Act of 1913 so that more foreign competition can be introduced into the different markets in the United States; this forced the monopolies to reduce their prices for goods in order to maintain their social, economic, and political power within the United States. The foreign competition supported the progressive goal of reforming the economy; also, the 16th amendment, a national income tax, was established, so that all people were providing money to the government while also providing money to the economy. The establishment of the Federal Reserve regulates the economy as well through adjusting the money supply and interest rates. The Federal Trade Commission fought to end unfair business practices and protect consumers from business fraud. The Progressive ideals of having a regulated workday and union rights were supported through Wilson's endorsement of an 8-hour workday. People are given more power and influence as they are now able to

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