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The Gettysburg Address On July 1, 1863 one of the most important Civil War battles began that lasted for a period of three days which occurred in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. The vicious war involved the confederate army of Northern Virginia ordered by General Robert E. Lee and the federal army of Potomac ordered by General George G. Meade. Months prior to the Gettysburg War, Commander Lee and his confederate army defeated the Potomac army in Chancellorsville, Virginia, however, Commander Lee decided to plan another attack on the North. On July 1, 1863 both armies collided with one another causing the largest battle of the American Civil Wars. Months later, on November 19, 1863 at the dedication of Soldiers National Cemetery, President Abraham…show more content…
Lee had been victorious amongst the wars in Virginia. However, he believed the independence for the Confederacy would be gained with a victory against the northern soil which sparked Lee to invade Pennsylvania gathering his 700,000 men from Northern Virginia army (Stackpole, Nye and Gottfried 1). Attacking the north, specifically Maryland and Pennsylvania meant there would be an abundance of food and clothing for Virginia’s own resources. However, the invasion of the north would not only draw the Federal army away from Richmond but threaten Washington as well; eventually easing pressure on Vicksburg and if the North would become victorious it would finalize the European recognition of the Confederacy and force the union to sue for peace (Stackpole, Nye and Gottfried 22). However, in May of 1863 the Confederate cabinet gave approval to Lee’s plan (Masur…show more content…
President Lincoln’s motive behind giving his address was to honor the soldiers who were killed, captured, and went missing in the war of Gettysburg. Lincoln spoke on the aspects of human equality, the freedom of our nation and the sacrifices that were made. Lincoln forcefully expressed his ideas about the war and how it was to test whether or not the Union would survive after receiving lost hope from General Joseph Hooker who have failed President Lincoln. In doing so on this very day, Lincoln remembered the dead soldiers who lie beneath him on the Soldiers National Cemetery. Lincoln’s speech honored both armies from the north and the south therefore showing there had been no hate towards the south. In Lincolns opening phrase in his address “Four score and seven years ago our fathers brought forth on this continent, a new nation, conceived in liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal.” emphasize the rights that were set out in the Declaration of Independence in his opening sentence and how our country should work towards meeting those standards. While peace, freedom and equality was what Lincoln intended to say the people, he believed that he had let the people down and presented a horrible speech (Andrews

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