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The Parthenon and Pantheon are the two most famous surviving structures in the world. The Parthenon is of Ancient Greece and the Pantheon is of Ancient Rome. Both civilizations had the greatest intentions to build long-lasting structures that would represent their people. The Parthenon was constructed during the golden era of the empire. The temple is a dedication to the goddess, Athena, who was chosen by the people of Athens to represent them. The Parthenon served as a monument to Athena, because the Greeks believed she provided them with wisdom to conquer the Persian armies during the Persian wars. The Pantheon was commissioned to represent the people of Rome. The temple was built for the same reasons the Parthenon was, to pay respects to…show more content…
The structure was completed under the reign of Hadrian in 125 CE. The domelike structure was the lasting testimony left by the Romans nearly two thousand years ago. Although the purpose of the temple is unknown, historians believe it to be a temple of some kind based off the porch, the pediments and decorations. The Pantheon could also have served as a setting for the emperor to make public appearances, where onlookers would be reminded of his divine status. The Pantheon is dedicated to Marcus Agrippa, the first to commission the Pantheon design. Marcus Vipsanius Agrippa and Domitian in the exact place where the earlier Pantheon buildings were set commissioned the Pantheon. Ingenious men also constructed the…show more content…
The Parthenon is made of full marble, but the Pantheon is made of marble, granite, concrete and brick. Both structures use eight columns to support a pediment. The Parthenon of Athens is a Doric style temple with some ionic elements. The temple was built primarily of marble material. The Parthenon was created to be an optical illusion, with straight lines that leaned and curved from the surface to the foundation. The Doric elements of the temple are easily noticeable by the massive columns, shallow broad flutes, and vertical representation. The columns that reach down to the floor of the temple are called the stylobate. The Parthenon has a rectangular shaped foundation, which is calculated efficiently to hold each column. A difference that separates the Pantheon from the Parthenon is the circular main building, which represents more of a Roman style. The circular sphere building is reminiscent to the architecture of the large Roman baths. The Pantheon’s porch is highly decorated with white Pentelic marble. It was important for the temple to have an observable porch, because it was where the Romans accepted religious sacrifices. The Pantheon’s interior is very different from the Parthenon’s. The building’s classical architectural interior was deliberately more appealing than the exterior. The Parthenon and Pantheon share the Classical Greek in presentation, which consist of columns

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