Chapter Summary: The Richest Man In Babylon

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The book, “The Richest Man in Babylon”, Is about how a man got his wealth, and how being rich and become poor. This book gives readers a glance at what it take to become wealthy and how becoming wealthy can change. This book also gives and glance on how having debit to someone can tear down your life. But at the end of the book it shares a story how a man is made into slavery and saved money and worked hard to become free and one brought his freedom back by a friend. In chapter one, there are three main characters in the story. Bansir, a chariot builder, Kobbi, a musician and Arkad, the richest man in Babylon. Bansir was a man that was living amongst the lowly of people in Babylon, and he was working hard to take care of his family and he…show more content…
Rodan was felling very pleased with his self because he had fifty pieces of gold. As he was walking he was listening to the pieces of gold tinkling in his purse. He wanted to think as to where he should invest his fortune, so he thought he should seek the Mathon, the gold leader, for guidance. Mathon was shocked that Rodan was coming to him for advice on how to invest because most people only come to him for loans. Mathon described his loan process to Rodan. He keeps a token chest, and he keeps a token for even loan that is given. Rodan was slightly perplexed for his sister and had request to borrow some of Rodan’s gold to help her husband, Araman, new business venture. Mathon told Rodan, about his screening process for loans and told him that he would never loan moan for his new business venture. Later in Babylon a war again Babylon and Frenzied broke out. Many people in the city was scared for its protections but the old Banzar, a warrior that stand guard at the passageway leading to the top of ancient walls of Babylon, told the people to return to thy family and the wall will protect them from the war. After nearly four weeks of battering the walls of Babylon had once again repulsed it enemies. In other parts of the city, there was a guy named Tarkad, who was the son of Azure, He had not eating in two days and ran into…show more content…
Caldwell, and archeologist also, of the five tablets found in the excavations in Mesopotamia. The tablets spoke the lift of Dabasir, and his experience with paying off his debts and gaining back his respect. It also stated the retune to Babylon after being sold as a slave in Syria. Dabasir talked with Mathon and tried to find a way for him to make a plan of paying off his debts. So the plan way put one-tenth a side for his own keep, seven-tenths aside for all living expenses and two-tenths aside to pay off all of his debit. Dabasir owed 119 pieces of sliver and 141 pieces of copper. Back in Babylon, you and a guy named Sharru, who was the merchant prince of Babylon, looked the part with robes, horses and caravan. Sharru was traveling with Hadan Gula, the grandson of Arad Gula, the grandson of Sharru’s partner to whom he owed a debt of gratitude to. Sharru was hopping he may be able to give the youth a start for himself and get away from the wreck the youths father had made of his inheritance. Hadan was a person who spent shekels as fast as they came to him. He also wanted to tell Hadan the store on how he and his grandfather became partners. Sharru explained how he was once a slave and how he killed his friend in a brawl then was sold as a slave when his father couldn’t find the sliver to free Sharru. Sharru was sold to another mast a banker named Nana-naid. Sharru thought he was

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