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1.0 Introduction Malaya achieved its independence on August 31, 1957 after more than 400 years of colonization by various foreign powers. The Federation of Malaya gained independence on 31 August 1957. After independence, Tunku Abdul Rahman had proposed to the British Government to Brunei, Sabah, and Sarawak merged with the Federation of Malaya became Malaysia. Nevertheless, the British government refused the proposal as Singapore aside. However, to form a federation of Malaysia has elicited various reactions as well as the challenges of domestic and foreign countries. This report is to discuss the reasons for the formation of Malaysia and the opposing reactions that had to be faced before her formation on 16 September 1963. 2.0 Recommendations…show more content…
This is to refer to the problems of safety efforts for independence and the process of decolonization. In addition, the reason is because of the economic cooperation, balance Malays and non-Malays population. Growing communist influence in Southeast Asia, especially Singapore worrying Federation of Malaya. Communist influence began to infiltrate the party ruled Singapore since 1959, the People's Action Party (PAP) led by Lee Kuan Yew. Activities and communist influence is getting stronger as a former member of the left-wing PAP formed Socialist Front, led by Lim Chin Siong. PAP losing candidate in two elections In 1961 for the Hong Lim and Anson saw the spread of communist influence in Singapore. This development is worrying Tunku Abdul Rahman because he feared Singapore would be controlled by the communist party and the state can threaten the security of Malaya. Thus, the formation of Malaysia, Tunku thought would be able to block the spread of communist influence in…show more content…
Formation Process of Malaysia Discussion and consultation process towards the formation of Malaysia is actually very long and complex. Many things need to be considered and addressed before this proposal can be realized. Some action must be taken to ensure that this formulation satisfies all parties. 6. Malaysia Agreement 1963 In the September 16, 1963, Malaysia was formally established, including the Federation of Malaya, Sarawak, Sabah and Singapore. Singapore because the differences in opinion on these matters, so quit Malaysia such as political competition, constitution, People's Action Party and between MCA and racial issues. Although Singapore has pulled out in 1965, the intention has been successful formation of Malaysia till today Malaysia has developed politically, socially and economically. 7. Summary Through this report, we can learn all sorts of matters relating the formation of Malaysia. Formation of Malaysia clearly indicate Brunei, Singapore, Sabah and Sarawak people hope Malaysia can to achieve independence. The formation of Malaysia is an independent state historic moment. Thus, the Prime Minister announced the September 16 2013, is a public

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