Hamlet Antihero Research Paper

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An person who lives by the guidance of his own moral compass, struggling to define and build his\her own opposite values to those recognized by the society can be consider either an antihero or a villain. They are similar and at the same time different because of the reasons that guides them to do what they do. Villains want to be evil, they enjoy the process of doing bad things to good people just to get satisfied. Antiheroes are the opposite, they just do horrible things in the process of doing what is supposed to be done. Claudio, one of the main character from Hamlet, the famous book written by the amazing Shakespeare, is our villain. After the King of Denmark died his brother Claudio assumed the power, married the Queen and happened to be the new King. Prince Hamlet was completely against this and when…show more content…
Hamlet spoke with his father’s ghost a few times and decided that, in order to live in peace and to be a good Prince of Denmark he had to take revenge. Claudio was so envious of his brother’s power that killed him without blinking. Usurping King of Denmark, got the crown and handled the kingdom was not enough for him and married the Queen. He is the best example of a villain, who does not care about anybody else but himself, a person who cannot refrain from indulging his human dark desires. He is intelligent but is also alienated, cruel, passive and pitiful. The Ghost called him the “incestuous and adulterate beast” and that is exactly what he was. Claudio was a very

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