Romeo And Juliet Forbidden Love Essay

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Forbidden love is like a caged lethal bird; you have to keep the bird locked inside or the bird can destroy everything thing it comes in contact with. The tragedy the deadly bird can cause is similar to that of The Titanic and The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet. For both female and male protagonist had many hardships to go through to try to be together while the whole world seem to be against their relationship. However was their love to rushed, could this forbidden love be prevented, furthermore could this tragedy be prevented? In general, both Rose and Jack’s love and Romeo and Juliet’s was hasty. In the Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet they fell in love by just looking at each other at the Capulet’s party. The couple got married the following…show more content…
The Montagues and Capulets have been feuding families for many years. Naturally it would be forbidden to have a relationship with the other member of the family. Forcing them to keep their relationship hidden many problems arise. When they are married no one else but Friar Laurence and Juliet’s nurse know. After Tybalt's death Lord Capulet arranges a marriage with county Paris. Juliet cannot tell about her relationship with Romeo because he killed Tybalt. Although Rose and Jack’s Family didn’t hate each other they were still forbidden to even see each other. Rose and Jack were from different classes. Rose being first class and Jack being third class. The first class people were people who had the most money just below the royalty. The third class be people were second to last in the class system. They were poor but could afford basic needs. Class systems were an enormous deal someone from higher class wouldn’t marry someone from lower class. It was seen as wrong and disgusting. To prevent an act like that to happen the parents would have arrange marriage. While Rose was upper class she was more polite and well educated. Jack was from lower class he was not known with manner and was educated to some manner. At the moment when Rose’s mother see Rose with Jack she immediately prohibits her to even be seen with him. She was told she had standard and would marry Caledon. She out of rebellion still kept in contact with Jack and later on started to be a

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