Twilight Compare And Contrast Romeo And Juliet

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“When I first met you I honestly did not know you were gonna be this important to me.” There are other people you love in this world that you have not even met before. The book of Twilight and The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet are the perfect examples of young love. Stephanie Meyer and William Shakespeare think alike. Bella and Juliet is the help to highlight the importance of the romances that occur in Romeo and Juliet and in Twilight. The importance of the relationships presents the level and depth of all characters. They are very strong characters, but submissive to their male counterparts. Juliet is more mature than Romeo, however she is very submissive to him by coming along with all of his ideas, she allows getting married after only knowing each other for a short period of…show more content…
When people are in a relationship they have to trust the your boyfriend or girlfriend or the relationship will go down hill from the point they do not trust the person anymore. In Romeo and Juliet, they thought that they would be together forever, and they were until Juliet wanted to kill herself to get Romeo back. When Romeo found out that she was dead, he rushed back to help and when he saw her dead he thought it was his fault, and he wanted to kill himself to be with her in heaven. He didn’t know that she faked her own death. When Juliet woke up from being unconscious she found out that Romeo killed himself by poison. They wanted to be together for a whole lifetime. They had crazy love for each other. In the Twilight series, when they got into the relationship more, they realized that this relationship could last a lifetime, even if there are obstacles in the way to separate them both. Obstacles are hard to face in a relationship, if your parents does not trust the other person to take care of their baby, it will be hard to gain your trust for them and their

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