Why Is Friar Lawerance Important In Romeo And Juliet

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Romeo and Juliet the young star gazed lovers of a tragic play. This play was written by none than other william Shakespeare. Romeo is a boy around the age of sixteen who catches the sight of the young and beautiful Juliet. The young teens lock eyes for the first time and immediately fall in the deepest of love. The young couple decide to make their love official and celebrate, but coming from fudyeing families creates a big problem. Friar lawerance a kind hearted pope decides to marry the forbidden couple to try to bring an end to the fued but, tragically ends in their death. In the tragedy of Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare there are three main characters that create the tragic outcome of forbidden love. Romeo and the kind of personality…show more content…
In the play he is showing a side of concern we can feel " How doth my my Juliet ? That I ask again, for nothing can be ill if she be well ,pg 211." Romeo is a very emotional person that takes drastic measures, " o tell me Friar, tell me, in what vile part of this this anatomy doth my name lodge? Tell me , that I may sock the hateful mansion." He then pulls out a dagger trying to end the pain. Romeo could not go on with life if not for his Juliet and dear Friar Lawerance. Friar Lawerance is a good hearted, smart man who does things for the best. Friar Lawerance is the pope that marries the forbbiden love of Romeo and Juliet but at first he is uncertain about Romeo and his feelings " Holy saint Francis, what a change is here! Is Rosaline, that thou love so dear, so soon foresaken? Pg 89." Friar Laweranceis then convinced that marrying the forbidden couple may stop the family feud as well. Friar try to help the couple whenever they need assistance. He is very smart coming up with a plan for Romeo and Juliet to be together even when one is banished. Friar Lawerence is the reason why Juliet has a sliver of hope left in her heart to nice again see her Romeo. Juliet is the daughter of the Capulets who has fallen madly in love with the family's rivaling son

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