The Importance Of Fighting In The Nhl

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Thesis: Major fist fighting in the nhl should not be banned because enforcers who are fighters on the team need to protect their star teammates, also many fights in games usually set the tone during the game while bringing energy to the stadium and fighting makes the game more safe. Firstly,teams in the NHL need enforces in the game to support and protect the star players on their team because of injuries and other goons headhunting them.Teams need these players in their lineup because the enforces will go after any guy who tries to hurt or go after the star players in a dirty way.ESPN sports website analyst states that “enforces are needed in the game today to protect star players because if they didn't have them in the game today injuries…show more content…
That's why in today's game you need enforcers on your team because in my situation if there were no enforcers in the game the guy who hit me would just…show more content…
These fights set the tone of the game when to heavyweight fighters go at it to seek a spark for their team. Also big hits set the tone of the game and gets the crowd cheering on their feet.ESPN sports website analyst said “ People come to NHL games to see a fight occur”. For example, when a heavyweight fight breaks out at the game it makes the fans go crazy and move engaged. Furthermore, fighting should not be banned because people come to games just to watch a fight break out. In addition, if fighting was banned from the NHL how many of those people who come to watch it don't come anymore because there isn't any fighting, but not only that the money they are losing from tickets not being sold because of fighting being banned.Furthermore, I had a personal real life situation when I got the fans going with my fight. We were down 4-2 in the 3rd period of the game when I knew my team needed a spark, so I got into a fight and won. Next thing you know the crowd is cheering loud on their feet and we score 3 straight goals to win the game. Fights are needed because it gives your team spark and energy to wake up when you're down a few goals. Overall, fighting should not be banned and should be apart of the game because fights could change the game around and make it very intense within minutes and giving

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