Romeo And Juliet Fate Essay

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To humans, fate is an inevitable and predetermined destiny that every person has. It is like a book about a person’s life written prior to that said person’s becoming of a being. It is said that Romeo and Juliet were star-crossed lovers who were victims of fate. Many believe that their early deaths were unavoidable because of it. However, every person’s book is filled with blank pages and missing pieces that only that said person can fill. Ultimately, Romeo and Juliet’s fates, which eventually led to their devastating ends, were driven by the choices and decisions they made. The star-crossed lovers were the ones driving their fate. So rather than being victims of their fate, they were the perpetrators. Romeo and Juliet created the path of their…show more content…
Juliet does not think of the flaws in the rushed Friar Laurence’s plan, and only thinks of seeing her Romeo again, which leads her to impulsively drink the liquid that will become her fatality. In Act 4, Scene 1 Juliet states that “O, bid me leap, rather than marry Paris, from off the battlements of yonder tower…” which proves the lengths she would take to elude betraying her husband, regardless of how reckless. However, her recklessness and love for Romeo sealed both their fates. When Romeo hears Juliet is dead, he buys poison from an apothecary in Mantua, without awaiting news from Friar Laurence (Act 5, Scene 1). In Act 5, Scene 3, he poisons himself, believing she is actually dead, because a life without his soul-mate would be unbearable. He kills himself to be with his Juliet in eternal sleep. Juliet, who awakes mere minutes after, finds her Romeo dead and stabs herself in grief. The choice Juliet made to take the liquid in the vial decided the fate of the two forbidden lovers. Although it is argued that Romeo and Juliet’s fate would inevitably end in death and that they were both destined to die, their fated deaths could have been avoided if the decisions they both made in their lives were different. The two lovers were not victims of fate but perhaps, victims of

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