Chapter Summary Of The Book 'Chew On This'

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Book: Chew on This Rating: 4.5/5 Summary This amazing, intellectually stimulating book, Chew on This, really explains to us how much influence these fast food corporations have on us. The point of fast food restaurants is to lure in busy people, and we all are. That’s why they are so much of a success. However, rushing in and out of a fast food restaurant, and quickly devouring those extra calories comes at its toll. In this book, you learn about the history of the hamburger, to how it’s made, all the way to the stories of some who let fast food consume their lives. Also, one of the less obvious parts of this book that is equally important is that the large fast food companies take opportunities away from smaller emerging companies, which is why entrepreneurship in this industry is extremely difficult. Overall, this mind-broadening book tells you an extreme amount of interesting information, but be warned: it might make you lose your appetite.…show more content…
Also, the amount of fast food restaurants exploded, in addition to size increase in portions. Coincidence, I think not. Fast food has had major impact to everyone in the past 30 years. It has opened up all over the world now and is now at almost every major street corner in the USA. Every month nine out of ten children visits a fast food place. It now has an everlasting effect on our world and we can’t deny that. It is a huge part of of society, but we can prevent ourselves from going to these

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