Piggy In William Golding's Lord Of The Flies

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Piggy awakens to the sound of the waves crashing. It is night-time, just furthering his inability to see. Considering he experienced about a 40 foot fall, it was a miracle he survived. “A miracle.” He says it outloud and realizes the reality of his situation. If he really had fallen 40 feet, why did he survive? Why did God decide to give him the gift of life after such a tragic incident. Unexplainable by science is the fact that he had also landed on a large rock. An impact like that would have broken over half of the bones in his body. Piggy stands up, and notices something in the left of his field of vision. A 3 to 4 foot stick stuck in the ground. A smell of rotten flesh hits Piggy’s nose. Piggy walks toward the stick. He doesn’t have his specs. On top of that, the scene that lay before him is almost impossible to see due to the moonlight being his only fluorescent object in the night sky. Piggy walks toward it with slight hesitance. “Is it you?” says piggy. “Yes” responds The Lord of the Flies. “I am happy to see you Piggy. You see, most young boys are so ignorant. For example, to believe that someone as dimwitted as Simon could possess the skills to be the beast.” “Ye-yes.” says Piggy. “I just didn’t think it was time. I thought I was to wait.” “It’s okay Piggy, you weren’t…show more content…
He is following the path he took before when he suddenly notices something. A small shadow to his right. Un-noticeable by normal eyesight Piggy realizes what he is seeing. A person, crouched behind a shrub. Directly in front of him he hears shouts, and can see the luminance of freshly lit torches burning in the night sky. Piggy realizes it’s a littlun. He quickly walks over to the shrub, and realizes something. The littlun is not crouching behind the shrub. It is simply sitting. Piggy hears a buzzing of flies, and the somber mood intensifies the discovery of the
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