Native American Warfare Research Paper

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In other areas of the world, warfare is also a reflection of society. When finances took their toll on European warfare from huge debts incurred by the cost of supplies required for large armies and the construction and reparation of siege fortresses, Europe went in search for additional wealth. This search culminated in the collision between the Europe style of warfare and the styles of natives in South and Central America. Native societies like the Aztecs and Incans in the 15th and 16th centuries developed their own style of warfare. Native weaponry was primitive since their bows and arrows and wooden clubs reflected their purpose of war - to replace lost labour or revenge. War in native societies was an extension of political policy and…show more content…
Here, warfare was primarily based upon a nomadic lifestyle in which tribes, like the Mongols, moved with the seas in search of food and water for themselves and their animals. Without a permanent settlement, the hunt was mandatory for all males under age sixty to provide food for the tribe. Their style of warfare became an extension of the hunt as a result. Mongols rode on horses and were armed with bows and arrows to take down their prey, resulting in excellent equestrian and archery skills. Their tactics usually consisted of flanking and encircling their prey before using their bows and arrows to kill the prey. In warfare, the prey became the enemy. Because of their agility against European infantry-heavy armies, the Mongols easily could surround their enemy and kill them. Fear tactics were also employed by the Mongols, particularly against their European enemies. Mongols would construct wood walls around siege fortresses before setting it. Small gaps left in the surrounding wall funnelled enemies through these narrow exits, allowing them to be killed easily by Mongol archers. To avoid similar fates, neighbouring fortresses often immediately surrendered. This Mongol nomadic lifestyle was easily transferable to a style of warfare consistent with their

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