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Vietnamese nation is the multiethnic community and has 54 ethnic groups. You know. All of you almost are Kinh ethnic group. When I asked for someone about several ethnic groups, they said me that they only know crowded ethnic groups and don’t know anything about customs, traditional costumes or their festivals. The Muong are the second largest ethnic minorities in Vietnam. The Muong mainly live in the mountainous area of north central Vietnam. they speak Mon-Khmer. So, time makes their belief in many of traditional superstitions declined. However, their culture, beliefs, lifestyles are attractive. The same a clan or a certain festivals are quite important rituals, marriage also very significant, its reflected full artest , diversity, peculiarities of Muong people like games, music, folk performing . Similarly as all the ethnic groups in north Vietnam like Dao, Tay, Thai,.. the wedding ceremony of the Muong has been simplified in recent years. Many years ago, children have not decided their marriage and parents, parents are element decides this marriages. But, today, when modern life and belief attack their old thought, young boys and girls are free to date and have right to decide…show more content…
If the groom’s family enough condition to afford the request of the bride’s family, so the wedding to be held. There is a person who person who is often invited to be a matchmaker said: “ I was a matchmaker for many marriages over the past 20 years. I bring the offering of the boy’s family to the girl’s family and make a marriage proposal. The girl’s family will gather in full numbers to receive the matchmaker and listen to the boy’s family ideas. They discuss the wedding time and date and other preparations. I inform the boy’s family of the meeting and the wedding present and re-visit the girl’s family to confirm everything. The matchmaker is responsible for arranging everything

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