Holden Caulfield Rite Of Passage Analysis

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Adolescence is a complicated time in a person's life. Often, an adolescent does not know where they fit in. As an adolescent Holden Caufield is faced with the harshness and pressures of reality in growing up. A feeling of alienation and seclusion is what teenager’s face on their road towards maturity. Holden Caufield’s psychological battle leads to his destruction between his relationships with other people, but is really just teenage conduct which many feel is a “rite of passage” to adulthood. When Holden decides he will move on with life and move out on his own, he encounters many problems with his life and how he lived it. Holden begins his fight when he drops out of school for his low grades. When he agrees to stay with his teacher, Mr.…show more content…
One of the major reasons Holden becomes depressed is the death of his brother Allie. He had deep feelings for his brother and never said one bad remark about him. He keeps this guilt locked up inside him because he blames his death on himself. A memory that depresses him is when he excluded his brother from a b-b gun activity. Another memory that Holden never forgets and can never forgive himself for was when Allie asked Holden to go bike riding and he refused. Holden didn’t have a good relationship with his Mother or Father. He needed them the most right after the death of Allie and they just treated him like he was inexistent. However, we see Holden yelling for help and attention when he threw a baseball through the window and still nobody paid attention to him. His older brother went off to Hollywood not even caring about Holden. The only one he adores is his younger sister Phoebe. Holden is able to talk to her and she understands him and motivates him in a way. It's not always noticeable when someone is depressed because people always try concealing it. People believe not sharing it will ease it, but really puts more on them. Holden was a liar to himself which is how he hid his depression. "I'm the most terrific liar you ever saw in your life" (16) Holden didn’t have a good relationship with his parents, therefore, could not find closure for his emotions and how he felt. By not sharing his feelings his depression gets uncontrollably worse. "I had this feeling that I'd never get to the other side of the street. I thought I'd just go down, down, down, and nobody'd ever see me again. . . . But I kept going. I was sort of afraid to stop, I think" (197-198) Teenagers are similar to Holden by concealing their emotions and losing control when it becomes out of hand. Losing a loved one, being an outcast, sex preference, alcohol, drugs or peer pressures are a few examples of why

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