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No Dessert for a Desert Walking leisurely down the aisles of Whole Foods Market, one can gaze upon the heaping mounds of fresh vegetables, pesticide free fruit, fresh cut meats, and a plethora of other healthy food options. However, even though acquiring all of these products may seem like a quick trip over to Victory drive, some in Savannah don’t even have access to a regular grocery store. Most people native to Savannah have no idea what a food desert is, and, more importantly, the fact that they are living in one. The very definition of a food desert is “a geographic area, particularly lower-income neighborhoods and communities, where access to affordable, quality, and nutritious foods is limited” (Whitacre 8). Mainly around MLK Boulevard and the lower income areas of downtown, citizens don’t have access to healthy and affordable food due to the lack of available grocery stores. Being a food desert, Savannah faces growing concerns with the local people living in these affected areas. Savannah’s food desert is a major problem that encompasses the growing obesity here in Georgia, the effect of the lack of affordable transportation, and unhealthy…show more content…
In a food desert, there are usually fast food places advertising that their food is healthy or nutritious, when in fact it is anything but. Fast food doesn’t even fall under the category of real food, let alone able to provide adequate nutrition for people. However, fast food is prevalent in these neighborhoods because they target under educated, low income people who lack proper transportation. So to those people, the easiest way to get food is to go to the fast food chains, whose food is cheaper than other fresh markets and closer to home. “In Georgia, more than 2.1 million adults are obese and more than 720,000 adults have diabetes”

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