Persuasive Speech About Diabetes

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Diabetes has already been reversed in important studies. But you haven't heard about them, and your doctor has heard about them, because the drug companies don't want your doctor to hear about them. If you and your doctor found out how easy it is to completely get rid of diabetes, you wouldn't just be taking all these pills. Your doctor smart, but he's overworked, and the drug companies pay for all the studies and all the medical school education and there keeping this from a doctor as well. Here's the main problem. All these diabetes medications do is lower blood sugar. Some of them don't even do that. And some of them have so-called FDA black box warnings, because they cause cancer the suspected of causing pancreatic cancer, thyroid cancer, bladder cancer. The list goes on. The tests for these drugs goes on for maybe a year, and then their proof. And then over many years, all the bad stuff comes out. But meanwhile the drug companies taken in billions and billions of dollars. And where all the guinea pigs. This should be happening. We should be the…show more content…
The worst of it is, that diabetes has been eliminated, and it isn't even that hard. To show you the actual cause of diabetes, as I see it, as proven in studies that I've read. Michelle at you and show you how I developed a plan that will completely eliminate your diabetes, based on these studies. And it's a simple plan, it's really not too difficult to do. Because I know you don't want to restricted diet greatly, you don't wanna have to do rigorous workouts. My goal is to get you completely free of diabetes, so that you will throw away all your medications with your doctor's blessing. And you have a new life to live €89 hundred years old free from diabetes, proud to be a former diabetic, an example for your grandchildren in your great-grandchildren, of what it means to take responsibility and not listen to the establishment. Stop being a victim now. So that they can see how grandpa or grandma did

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