The Importance Of Dignities In Life

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Many people struggle to shift from a scarcity-based lifestyle to an abundance-based lifestyle. In this article I’ll share some of the shifts that people have experienced shortly before they reach their abundance tipping point, with the intention of helping you reach your own abundance tipping point sooner. I’ve also included some quotes from Bruce Lee for an extra dose of inspiration. Reclaim Your Dignity Mistakes are always forgivable, if one has the courage to admit them. ― Bruce Lee When people are in scarcity, they often do things that make them feel undignified. They may take actions and subject themselves to experiences they aren’t proud of. When a person is about to shift into abundance, this sense of human dignity (if it was ever…show more content…
It was a mess, and I knew that. But my desperation and the willingness to accept abuse were optional. Are you currently tolerating any indignities in your life? Do your friends, family, and co-workers treat you with respect, regardless of your income or employment? If you owe people money, do your creditors treat you as a mature and responsible adult? Or are you treated with shame, guilt, and derision for your situation? Realize that regardless of your current situation, you still deserve to be treated with respect and dignity. That is your right as a human being, but you must be willing to enforce that right if people try to violate it. Reclaiming your dignity also means refusing to beat yourself up, even when you’ve made mistakes. You do not have to stoop over just because some aspects of your life haven’t been working so well. Forgive yourself for any perceived failures. Stand tall once again. Do not seek shame in scarcity nor pride in abundance. Both are part of the human experience, so allow yourself to retain your humanity across the board. Reframe the Scarce Times Don’t fear failure. Not failure, but low aim, is the crime. In great attempts it is glorious even to fail. ― Bruce

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