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August Wilson is a renowned playwright who had authored the groundbreaking play called “Fences”. In a interview with Wilson by the Paris Review, he was asked by the interviewer what qualities would his best imaginary playwright have. He said the following, “Honesty. Something to say and the courage to say it. The will and daring to accomplish great art. Craft. Craft is what makes the will and dating work and allows playwrights to shout or whisper as they choose. A painter who has not mastered line and form, mass, perspective and proportion, who does not understand the values and properties of color, is not going to produce interesting paintings no matter the weight and measure of his heart, or the speed and power of his intellect. I don’t think you can ever know too much about craft. So I would give your imaginary playwright a solid understanding of craft. All that is necessary then is ambition . . . which is as valid and valuable as anything else.” (Wilson) This type of answer would spark a lot of questions…show more content…
These qualities have been seen evidently in August Wilson himself. Due to this realization, I believe that August Wilson was his own imaginary playwright. He shown the quality of honesty through several interviews and action which include his candid response to an interviewer’s playful remark. He also created a Black Horizons theater company which gave the spotlight to the still persecuted African Americans. He was also shown to embody the quality of craft through his ability to personify his characters in multidimensional ways as well as writing 10 award winning plays. Last but definitely not least the true ambition that any person must have to achieve and conquer his/her goals such as August himself when he studied the art of playwright by himself. The question now is whether or not August Wilson knew he was his own Imaginary

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