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“Hear ye, all persons! Ye people as many as ye are! I have done this according to the design of my heart. ... I have restored that which was in ruins, I have raised up that which was unfinished.” - Queen Hatshepsut The Egyptian society was a strong-willed independent society, lead by pharaohs who were important males figures and the heirs to the previous pharaoh but a single woman entirely changed the Egyptian empire for the better, one of the most famous woman pharaoh know today Hatshepsut. Born into power Hatshepsut was one of two children not including her half brothers and sisters. Fathered by Thutmose I the pharaoh during her childhood and her mother Queen Ahmose, Hatshepsut had a very easy childhood full of luxury but as well very good education…show more content…
she proclaimed herself pharaoh, backed by Senmut, chief steward th the god Amen, a commoner whom she had elevated to high office” she soon fell had a secret relationship with this man or so the history books will proclaim and because of the young age of Thutmose III she had no choice but to lead the great nation of Egypt (Smith 88). She did not take throne alone she had a great support system and people that helped her get to their height that she was in. She had full support from the powerful priests of Amun and was accepted by the ancient Egyptian people as a ruler called “ beautiful to behold” and she assumed all the traditional titles associated with a king of ancient Egypt and the throne name of Marakare”. the priest Amun (named after the god Amun) was a very popular and well know man so she had no trouble finding power (Hatshepsut 3). Hatshepsut was a very successful Queen/King her name even means foremost of noble women she was not only noble but well liked she left a great legacy behind her. “Few have been as successful as the great ruler Hatshepsut, whose reign brought Egypt 22 years of peace and prosperity and some of the finest monuments” (Smith

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