Film Summary And Film Analysis: Food Inc.

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The documentary Food Inc. contains many hot-topic issues within the food industry many of the topics are discussed in class and also in the book we were designed to read. Food Inc. definitely emphasizes the voter-buyer disconnect discussed in class. We as consumers and voters can commit to buying safer, healthier and nutritious food. But we as buyers will have to pay a premium that some may not afford or simply might not want to do. Definitely in the movie it shows the ethical mistreatments of animals, for example the chicken farms in Kentucky and the abuse of lame cattle towards the end of the movie. Those misuses could sway consumers to quit buying meats unless they are farm raised or organic, but here again some can’t afford the premium…show more content…
Yes organic fruits and veggies is healthier and probably more nutritious but without those large vegetable and fruit agriculture producers, the price would be even more expensive for fruits and veggies. The quantity of these fresh foods available would be less possibly, if herbicide and pesticide use was banned, making the food policy of subsidizing grain more pertinent and thus making the consumer choose the less costly alternative i.e. the cheeseburger as seen in the film. I agree that the food policies in America tend to benefit the livestock and grain industries, like the beef and bread industries, but these commodities are easily traded to other countries and do not have an expiration date like that of fresh fruits and vegetables so there is definitely a reasoning to it. One could also argue that the fruit and veggie industry is subsidized in the fact that they allow migrant workers to work for less than minimum wage, an incentive not allowed in any other industry in the United States. Add a minimum wage and you could see the price for fruits and veggies soar and make those items even costlier at the supermarkets. The commodities like corn and soybeans also cover the bases of a protein and carbohydrate diet and can be easily shipped across the world in

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