Corruption In Michael Curtiz's The Adventures Of Robin Hood

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The legend of Robin Hood illustrates many complex themes through different versions of works. Essentially Robin Hood’s legacy is about stealing money from the rich and giving to the poor. Robin Hood and his band of men are depicted to be heroic saviors to the Saxons and the poor. A major component of the Robin Hood story is corruption and its effects on social class. A lot of Robin Hood’s decision making comes from the good will of helping England and the Saxons. With regards to this, three authors emphasize their versions of Robin Hood. In the book, “The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood”, Howard Pyle discusses themes such as, brotherhood, corruption and love. In the movie, “The Adventures of Robin Hood” directed by Michael Curtiz and William…show more content…
Love is a huge component in “The Adventures of Robin Hood”, and the romance between Maid Marian and Robin Hood is a big part of the story line. Robin Hood is constantly trying to get Maid Marian’s attention and win over her affection. However, Maid Marian initially is not very fond of Robin Hood and his Saxon ways, until Robin shows Marian the wrong doings of Prince John against the unfortunate Saxons. Robin Hood says, “Hardly an inspiring sight for such pretty eyes as yours, I'm sure. But these poor devils have all had their homes burned. Their families beaten and starved to death by your tax gatherers.” (Movie).After this Marian is able to see for herself how badly the Saxons were treated and she starts to fancy Robin Hood. Throughout the movie Maid Marian’s character is portrayed to be a damsel in distress. Marian tends to be soft-spoken and reserved during the course of the movie. Ultimately, Maid Marian and Robin Hood get married and presumably live happily ever…show more content…
In these ballads Robin Hood is quite confident and bold. Subsequently, Robin Hood is constantly picking fights with strangers. He is self-assured in his excellent arching skills. When arching, Robin is at his peak for having the most confidence and proving himself. Robin Hood’s confidence could be the reason why he is so fortunate when battling. However, his confidence sometimes can be a downfall to his character. Robin tends to be careless and overconfident because of his skills. Robin gets a rise out of competing against the Sherriff, king and anyone else who he

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