George Washington Carver's Life That Changed America

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George Washington Carver was born in the 1860’s however his exact date of birth is unknown due to the fact of being born into slavery . Throughout America’s history, African Americans have been shortchanged in being recognized for their achievements and contribution. Nevertheless, there have been African Americans who have influenced America entirely. One particular, George Washington Carver stood out among his fellow people and demonstrated his strength in overcoming racism and inequality. Since he was young, he was denied over and over again his right to receive education due to his race. He was treated poorly at school as a result of his skin color and never had equal rights as others in society. Despite these facts, he endured through the…show more content…
He invented many new ways to farm crops using the least amount of nutrients in the land and prevent soil erosion and degradation. These techniques greatly increased crop yield and benefitted the economy in the south. At that time, the south were filled sharecroppers who were oppressed by the land owners. Due to the high quantity of crops the land owners demanded, sharecroppers were often times poor and could barely sustain their own family. Carver’s method of farming helped the poor farmers in the south and considerably changed the livelihood of these people. He found that by planting peanuts, the plants would restore nutrients to the soil and also provide a source of protein for the farmers. This is called crop rotation which means by not planting the same crops in consecutive years, it gives the soil time to replenish its nutrients and help the growth for next year. George Washington Carver was not a person who cared about money but he was a person who cared about people. Everything that he did was to benefit people who were in need. After receiving large amounts of money due to his successful research as a botanist, he donated the majority of it to the poor because he believed that they are in more need of the money than he is. Carver became a symbol and a figure of hope for the poor. He would constantly visit the rural areas of the south to help out either through financial aids or setting up schools for basic education. Through his knowledge, no only was he able to convince society that race does not define who we are, it also greatly benefitted the poor which were mostly African Americans. He became such a prominent black figure at that time due to the exceptional things he was able to accomplish. Regardless of all the prejudice he has faced during his life, he was able to endure through it and use his knowledge to indirectly fight for his people.While at Tuskegee,

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