Federal Courts Hierarchical Structure

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In a Federal Court their hierarchical structure goes as follows, the courts are divided among three tier levels and each tier is as important as the next one. On the first tier is the U.S. District Court, which is known as "trial courts" of our federal system. It is in the District Court where cases are first heard before entering the other tiers when either legal team disagrees with the judgment. The second level tier among the hierarchy are the Court of Appeals, which are responsible to hear cases from District Courts, their main purpose is to decide whether the judgment from District Court violates the defendants Amendments. The judges within this court are divided into rotating three-judge panels. The last level on the three tier and…show more content…
The dockets include all materials that are filed by the court or the party in the court proceedings. In theory the courts assign all new cases filed a docket number, the number often tells you the year of the case, a reference number, a letter indicating the type of case; such as criminal, family, or civil, and the location the case was filed. Once the action is initiate, the courts maintain what is known as a docket sheet, which is a chronological list noting that date and description of the paper filed in the action. The court calendar is a schedule of appearance, and hearings to be seen in front of a presiding judge. The process of case docket and calendaring can be efficiently when used correctly and in a timely manner. In the scenario of the bank robbery the calendaring and the continuance would be held differently in a Federal court versus the State Court. Each court has their own rules when it comes to how the court should be handled and the amount of time they would allow a certain case should go on for. When asking for continuance and delaying the trial, just means more money needs to be spent and that is something we are trying to reduce in both systems. A motion of continuance needs to be written by any party to the court fully explaining their reason to why they need more time for trial that is on the calendar. In my opinion they are more strict in federal court to grant continuance because the amount of caseloads that have already been backed up. The impact of venue is important in this scenario because the robbery was held in Washington DC and they weren't apprehended until they got to the Canadian border. The case will most likely be heard in Washington DC because that is where the initial crime was

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