Carey V. Musladin Case Summary

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Introduction The united states court system operates at federal and state level. The federal courts hear and decide cases that involve constitutional law, and disputes involving states. They also handle cases involving admiralty or maritime law as well as bankruptcy cases. The court system analyzes what happened in a particular way and decide what way to resolve the issue and what punishment will be accorded to the guilty perpetrator, as per the provisions of the united states constitution. The court system operates in a procedural way known as the due process, which is provided in the united states criminal law (Wasby, 1993). This paper will discuss the Carey V. Musladin case, in a bid to understand the court system better. Seminal Facts of The Case This is an appeal case that was filed by Musladin in the California court of appeal, seeking reversal of his murder conviction and…show more content…
The defendant admitted to having killed tom Studder by shooting him using a gun, which is an act of violation of the right to life. Musladin committed first-degree murder, by shooting Strudder, with a killing intention. Secondly, during the trial, the district court violated the defendant’s right to an impartial jury, as provided in the sixth amendment of the due process. The sixth amendment provides for various rights of criminal defendants, which trial courts have to uphold and protect (Green,1992). The criminal defendants have the right to receive a quick trial without delays that are unnecessary. The jury during the trial was not impartial, and the buttons with the picture of the deceased could unfairly prejudice the jury as thus depriving the defendant the chance of a fair trial. The jury might have been unfair which is a violation of the defendant’s right to receive a fair trial by the

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