Comparing Oedipus The King And Antigone By Sophocles

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For centuries people around the world have contemplated the story “Antigone”. Was it fate that lead her family down the road to darkness, or was it misfortune that played the terrible hand the family was dealt. First written in 441B.C by Sophocles, as a continuance from “Oedipus the king”, that first appeared in 430B.C. Both of these stories where dramatic tragedy set in ancient Greece in a city called Thebes. In the story of ‘’Oedipus the King”, baby Oedipus fate was already chosen for him before he had came out the womb of his mother. As fate had brought a prophet to Oedipus’s parents, which are Jocasta and Laius, the queen and king. They were told that their unborn child was to kill his father, and marry his mother. So when Oedipus…show more content…
Soon after, another shepherd walks by and see’s the baby by the tree. Then takes baby Oedipus back to his kingdom of Corinth giving the child to the king and queen to raise him as their child. Once old enough young prince Oedipus sets out on a journey where his runs into his real father and battles him in a dual. Oedipus ends up killing his father and going to Thebes marrying his mother, and starts barring children with her. Which they had four children together Antigone, Ismene, Polynices, and Eteocles. Over a while citizens of Thebes gather outside the palace and asked king Oedipus to take action of the death of the former king, because nobody knew who killed him not even the person who did. As king Oedipus explains to his people that he already send his brother-in-law Creon to find Tiresias, a blind prophet to tell him what he knows about a murder. Once Tiresias arrives to the palace king Oedipus demand that the prophet tells him what his knows about the murder of the former king. As the prophet insists that he doesn’t want to know Oedipus becomes disrespectful toward Tiresias, so that he just tells Oedipus the…show more content…
In this story the brother-in-law Creon is now king taking over for Oedipus, because he cut his eyes out and can no longer make decisions for the kingdom. Now that Oedipus can’t be king his son’s Polynices and Eteocles go into battle with each other and they both end up killing one another for the control over Thebes. King Creon that now rules feels as if Polynices, who brought an outside army to fight against Thebes, shouldn’t have a proper burial. Telling everybody in the kingdom, whoever tries to bury Polynices will be killed. Antigone beloved sister and daughter felt as if her brother was being mistreated and that he should have a proper burial like her other brother Eteocles, but King Creon was not trying to hear her speck of such thing. Getting fed up; Antigone consults her sister Ismene about going to bury her bother Polynices. So then Antigone goes to bury her brother and gets caught in the act. When she has to face King Creon, He threats to kill Antigone and Ismene because of their actions, but he end up forgiving Ismene. As for Antigone he banished her to exile and was lead out by the people of Thebes. When Creon’s son Haemon, which is also Antigone fiancé, is asked by his father how does he feel about Antigone actions? Haemon first sides with his father but then really starts contemplating the actions of his beloved and

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