Jen-Daniel Perkins Case

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A grand jury convicted Jen-Daniel Perkins for bank fraud, credit card fraud and identity theft. He stole millions of dollars from financial institutions, and hundreds of credit card holders. The FBI conducted undercover investigations to expose Mr. Perkins’ elaborate criminal operation. Mr. Perkins fraudulent schemes consisted of fabricating fake credit cards with stolen identity. Other fraud schemes perpetrated by Mr. Perkins were the impersonation of account holders and the creation of fictitious merchant accounts at American Express. ( In order to prosecute this type of case it is necessary to call an expert witness. The expert witness most likely would be someone with the following credential and qualifications: •…show more content…
“To ask questions effectively in a fraud investigation, one must employ best practices for interviewing techniques in the context.” (Singleton, 2010, pp.240) The main objective of the interview is to obtain a signed confession from the perpetrator. Mr. Perkins’ interviewer should have taken proper technique known as best practices into consideration: good preparation prior to start of the interview, allow conversation to take its natural course, observe body language, have good social skills to develop friendly rapport with Mr. Perkins, allow interviewee to feel comfortable by keeping a steady pace, permit Mr. Perkins to do most of the talking, be as open as possible during the interview (not secretive or aggressive), cross check facts gathered during the interview and most importantly obtained a signed confession. (Singleton, 2010, pp.240) Other considerations like body language, sign of deception, eye language and statement analysis should be considered with a great degree of care. These physiological aspects and/or profiles have limited ability providing admissible

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