Argumentative Essay On The Fat Gene

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The Fat Gene A recent study has proven that there is an obesity causing gene called the fat gene. Apparently the fat gene can be inherited from one generation to another where families who carry the genes tend to be heavier. In 2007 researchers discovered that there is a gene related to obesity yet they were not aware of what it exactly did. Until, it was revealed that those genes tend to store fat instead of burning it. The cause of being fat or overweight was always seen as a result of personal neglect, but there is high chance that the reason is our DNA’s. This subject has spiked up some controversy where numerous people believe that the fat genes is just a myth while others believe that it is real and should be cured. However, due to the fact that scientist actually proved that the gene does not highly affect a person’s weight. It is believed that obesity is caused by a person’s lifestyle and health choices.…show more content…
Not all people have the same lifestyle, where some people are more active than others. A person’s lifestyle has a great effect on their weight. In fact, a countless number of people are overweight even though they do not eat in large quantities mainly for the reason that they are not active during the day. While people who exercise on a daily bases and are active have the ability to eat bigger amounts of food and still be in shape. In either case, the average person should do some type of activity like walking or exercising for not less than half an hour each day. However, not all people decide to do it. Which in several cases can be the cause of poor health conditions and obesity. And as a result, people choose to blame their weight problems on the fat genes that they

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