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In the article, “The Battle Against Fast Food Begins in the Home” The author, Daniel Weintraub argues that parents, not fast food companies are to blame for children being overweight. Parents need to do their part and make sure we are eating right. Weintraub supports his argument by explaining the data and research used to show that most studies focused on…”The increasing consumption of fast food and soft drinks, larger portion sizes in restaurants, the availability of junk food on campus, advertising of junk food to children and their families, and the lack of consistent physical education education programs in the schools. The author’s purpose…show more content…
Parents are to blame for their children becoming overweight. Parents need to step up from the plate and make sure their children are eating right. Children wouldn’t be overweight if their parents had healthy foods and making sure their kids are being involved with sports. Children are overweight because their parents let them sit in front of the television eating and just playing video games. For example, say a mom had her kid in sports, involved, and had he or she eating right wouldn’t you think that kid would be in good shape and healthy? yes. Then there is another kid who just sat down playing videos games all day and ate junk food, that kid would be overweight right? It's up to the parents to decide if there can be unhealthy foods in your house or there can be no unhealthy foods in your house. It's all up to the parents. In my home my parents are very strict about junk food, we cannot have soda at all, only special events, and in our house it's really hard to find junk food. I thank my parents for raising me like this, because I know I am healthy and in good

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