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AP English: Fiction Name: Madison Taylor, Juan Linares, Dane Steen Per. 2 Major Works Data Sheet Note: Cite references in MLA format, in-text and parenthetically. Complete a Works Cited page of all references used. Title: Native Son Author: Richard Wright Date of Publication: 1940 Genre: Novel, African American literature Biographical information about the author: Born in Roxie, Mississippi on September 4. Richard Wright wrote and published his firsts short story when he was 16. In 1927, Wright left the South to go to Chicago and worked at a post office. As the Great Depression swept in he was led to joining the Communist Party in 1932. He then worked for Federal Writers Project after moving to New York, were he received critical…show more content…
The novel became the choice for the Book-of-the-Month club. But when they published it a lot of the racism and communism commentaries were omitted and censored, and the novel was categorized as a detective story. The discussions in the novel about poverty and race were considered to be an accident by Wright. Around 1991 was when the novel was finally reprinted without the censorship and omissions. It was also when literary critics agreed that the original version carried more weight in its political and racial ideas and comments. Native Son also displays the anti-communistic racist views of the 1940's, which are a reminder of the political problem of the "red scares" that Wright had to endure. It also provides context to the most notorious event in the 1940's in American history, the Great Depression. This is done with Bigger's family through their migration and poverty. But the major focus of the novel is the economic disadvantages and experiences of African Americans in either Southern or Northern states. Wright implies that like the Southern blacks, there is still a significant amount of racism in the Northern states, which at the time was a big…show more content…
Boris Max Bigger's lawyer who volunteers to represent him for free. Speaks to Bigger as an equal, not as above or below him. Is one of the only characters who truly understands Bigger. Hard fighting, believes in equal rights, does his best. 7. Bessie Bigger's girlfriend. Attempts to help bigger, but ultimately ends up being Bigger's next victim showing how brutal he really. Logical, helpful. 8. Mrs. Thomas Bigger's mother. Nags Bigger to get a job, forcing him to work for the Daltons which leads to him killing Mary. Nagging, annoying, but only wants the best. 9. Buddy Thomas Bigger's brother. Tries to be on Bigger's side, does not tell anybody about the wad of bills he finds. Helpful, trying to do what's right, easily bribed. 10. Vera Thomas Bigger's sister. Just like Bigger, she is constantly afraid. Easily offended, easily frightened. Describe the setting(s) and the mood the setting(s) create: Chicago, in the 1930s. The mood is somewhat depressing as America is at a low. It has just came out of a depression, World War 2 is on the horizon, and racism is still running rampant. What is the significance of the opening

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