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Ivan the Terrible: Ivan Vasilyvich IV, also known as Ivan the Terrible; got his name after many years of being the leader of Russia. He didn’t get his name from what he accomplished, but from the way he lived his life and treated other people. Ivan actually accomplished many things that are significant to Russian history. From the tragedies in his life with his parents dying when he was young, and having a mute brother, Ivan’s life was not an easy or privileged one. With this being said, his rule was affected by it and played a significant part. Ivan’s childhood and personality were relevant in the way he ruled Russia. Ivan was born in 1530, when Ivan was three his father died and his mother died soon after. Ivan was neglected as a child and treated poorly by the…show more content…
Soon before being crowned to show the boyar he meant business he threw their leader Prince Andrew to a pack of hungry hunting dogs. The reign of Ivan started in the early 14th century with the rise of Moscow. He limited the power of the boyar families because of the way he was treated when he was younger. This established the new social classes used at this time. He established laws that tied Russian serfs to the land. In 1552 Ivan finally defeated the Tartar army that Russia had been trying to defeat for years. Ivan made a band of men called the Oprichniki they were agents of terror who enforced his rules/laws. They wore Black robes and were mounted on black horses decorated with the heads of dogs and brooms to symbolize sweeping away their enemies. They were assigned to kill townspeople who were disloyal and hierarchy families that got out of line and tried to challenge his authority. The Oprichniki didn’t have any boundaries they didn’t hesitate to burst into mass to kill. In local towns they established public execution which were quite popular. When Ivan died in 1584 so did the Oprichniki and Russia was left in a state of total political and economic

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