Flapper Of The 1920s Essay

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The “Roaring ‘20s” was an era of major social and political change in the history of the United States. The country had just come out of the First World War and women had officially gained the right to vote in 1920 with the 19th amendment. Also, even though Prohibition was in full effect, the people majorly increased their alcohol consumption, especially women. As a result, women now felt a new sense of freedom and the need for feminine self-expression. Evidently, this led to the looser/freer style of women’s clothing in the 1920s with a new vision of embracing youth. Out of this new vision, the “new woman” was born because women no longer had to be domestic workers when they had the freedom to work out in retail stores or in offices. Furthermore, this “new or modern woman” was usually the young, wild flapper who defied the conventions of the previous constricting society. Therefore, the flapper of the 1920s definitely introduced a new form of fashion in society. The flapper was usually a young woman who was seen out revolting against previous social norms. These women were reckless in society, leaving all previous morals behind when they drank and smoked long cigarettes in public. Also, they were seen as these women who had…show more content…
This exposure of skin allowed women to move freely while dancing because the dress would no longer be a bother with its shorter length. However, even though more leg was shown, women started wearing stockings, mainly in a black or nude color, while some bolder women wore patterned stockings with geometric designs. Silk and rayon stockings hooked onto the long 'girdles' with snap on garters. Stocking came in shades of skin or sun tan, colors that gave the appearance of bare legs. Other women who wanted the flapper look would roll down their stockings for ease of movement, or carry flasks in on their

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