Historic Era 3D Design

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Historic fashion was depended on each era because the ideal silhouette was constantly changing. For the Historic Era 3D Design Project, I would like to focus on The Nineteenth Century because it was known for its Victorian period. Women wore extravagant corsets, top hats, bustles, petticoats, and full skirts and I would like to explore more in this field. The men wore tailcoats, which I think this garment is beautiful and it really attracts my attention. I would put in a lot of effort to research and find out how this coat is made. The garments in the 19th century were colorful and gives off a happy vibe, I think this suits me very well because I am always colorful and happy. Modern day corsets are inspired by this era and it would be great if I could mimic a garment. I am very interested in crinolines and hoopskirts. I have had some experience in the past wearing a crinoline skirt under my dress and it was breathtaking. I also helped a local designer construct wedding dresses and I would love to find resources to try it on my own. I think this project will help me think outside of the box and go beyond my limits. I will definitely learn new skills and increase my…show more content…
The richly decorated embroidery and lacework is fascinating. It is incredible that people from the past have spent time and effort into making beautiful garments. Highly skilled jewelers made masterpieces from precious stones, pearls, gold, and silver. I love attention to detail as I am very patient and will take my time when making beautiful pieces. This era does not attract my attention because the garments were not as full as it would be in the other eras and the colors used in this time period does not seem fun and cheerful to me. I know this era was a turning point in history where people’s attitude focused on what was worn, but I may not be as motivated to research on this topic as I would for the ones listed

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