Family Systems Theory

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Family Systems Theory Family systems theory is one of the sub theories derived from systems theory. Systems theory’s basic principle is a belief that everything is connected to each other and everything affects everything else due to this interconnectivity. Family systems theory follows this same idea, however, it focuses on the family unit and views each member holistically. It would not be possible to understand the whole, e.g. the daughter, without recognizing how the components interact, affect, and change one another, e.g. how the daughter is influenced by the family (Howe 2009, 109). There are two types of systems that are predominantly looked at in terms of family systems theory. The first type is an open system in which the family…show more content…
Aside from the child’s needs not being adequately met, the child also had difficulty establish themselves as members of the family due to the feelings of ambiguity, low self esteem, and not being unlovable that were a result of the neglected, abused, or maltreatment they received (New Mexico’s 1990, 6). In this case, family sessions would be modeled on both a system and a family systems theory approach. Using systems theory, the families basic needs would have to first be met before the child is able to reunite with them. For example if a family is having financial struggles and the father feels stress because of it and releases this stress by physically abusing his children then no change in the treatment of the child could occur until the financial stress is resolved. Using family systems theory the whole family, would have to work together during family sessions to create a goal that would change the initial situation that lead the child to be removed from the home. Tension, especially when it involves change, is present in one way or another, however, how the family handles it is what is important. They can either use strategies of maintenance to preserve the relationship as is, strategies of stress which increase the tension and can create more confusion and unrest in the family, another strategy that can be used is that of repair which provides the family an opportunity to modify itself and remain a livable, workable system (New Mexico’s 1990,

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