Family Systems Theory Paper

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How do you define family? How has your definition of family changed over time? I define family as a group of people who love each other and assist each other out with anything that they need. I personally do not define family as having the same DNA. Just because you have the same DNA does not mean that you are family in my eyes. I have learned that sometimes family can be the same people who will find joy in your own pain and sometime it’s the stranger on the street that will help you out the most. This reminds me of a old saying that it is easier to talk to stranger than a person that you know because you may never see the stranger again and there is no judgment. What was the focus of Bowen's family systems theory? How is this useful…show more content…
This was very useful in this professional practice because the therapist was able to get the client to express their own feeling and come to a understanding about each help stop the family pointing fingers at each other. 3. Discuss the person-centered approach and how it might be applied in social work practice. The person centered approach helps establish a healthy psychological climate so that families feel safe to discuss true real issues, allow for people to work together as a family and as individuals, and to explore, seek and clarify as needed (Shulman, 2012).It can be applied to social work practice because it can help families that has been brokedn apart to come back together and function as one family. Often time what a person says when he is angry they do not always mean it which can hinder a bond in a family. By using the person centered bond it can help bring the broken bond back together. 4. Discuss cognitive behavioral therapy and how it may be applied in social work…show more content…
266). The Multi-systemic therapy can be useful because focusing on goals can motivate clients to work toward the goal and progress in treatment rather than having a client who does not have a goal. 6. What are some family assessment tools that might be used? Genograms, family history reports and social network maps can be used in a family assessment. 7. Discuss the social worker's role in beginnings, middles and endings with families. The social workers role in the beginning is to hear what the family has to say and clarify the role that the social worker can play at helping the family meet those needs. The social workers role in the middle is to keep the family on course and to analyze the family’s work. In the ending stage the social workers role is to evaluate the goals, see if more therapy is needed and to asses the clients to make sure that actually understood what was going on in therapy. 8. How does culture and community impact working with

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