Systems Theory: A Sociological Perspective

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The Systems Theory is a sociological perspective, which examines groups and their interactions, as a system. Different parts of the group work together to allow stability to occur within the structure. However, this is only possible if there is communication, as there must be the concept of ‘give and take’ present. Members of the group influence each other in a reciprocal way. However, the structure within a group can change; members can be added or removed. Thus, one must learn to adapt to these changes. Nevertheless, the drawback with the systems theory is the difficulty in understanding how one’s behavior within the group, affects the other. This can be due to a lack of communication, as individuals need to anticipate change and adjust…show more content…
A depressed father may not be able to function properly within his family unit, as his role as a father and husband may not be easy to perform due to mental challenges. Thus, the wife/mother may have to carry on the responsibilities within the family unit such as taking care of the children and completing housework. Often, people who deal with depression have difficulties communicating their feelings to others. If the father can openly discuss the mental obstacles he is facing towards his wife and the adjustments needed to be made to the responsibilities, the family can strive with the inclusion of the father. There should be a plan of action, such as attending therapy sessions weekly to discuss progress as an individual and as a family. Slowly, adjustments such as picking up children from school, cooking and completing housework can be brought back into the family’s schedule. However, if the father does not share his feelings about his wellbeing, or shows a lack of participation in the plan of action, the family unit is at the risk of suffering the consequences. There is no give and take within that structure, as communication is weak. The wife cannot carry on the responsibilities of two, without receiving the ‘take’ portion of a reciprocal relationship. If the wife cannot anticipate changes within her husband’s behavior, it will be difficult for her to adjust. Hence, family units can become complicated, as individuals influence each other within the
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