Planned Parenthood Debate Analysis

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GOP Debates Ignite Editorials The 2015 Republican debates have aroused a lot of controversy and following in the media. With the top eleven candidates battled it out in the last debate, facts were flying and not everyone was following. In this latest debate which occurred on September 16th, 2015, there was a mess of overlapping voices, and moderators were struggling to stop participants from going over their allotted time. Viewers learned three things during this debate, which were that Donald Trump was beginning to be less “Trumpified”, candidates have a hard time distinguishing their overseas policies, and that America is unsure if any of these candidates can provide a viable solution to the country’s problems on Planned Parenthood. This second debate was a “Rise of the Not-Trumps” which allowed a few other candidates to rise (Getting Beyond, 2). Carly Fiorina and Ben Carson were able to gain leverage in the polls after some…show more content…
Reckless accusations were being made of Planned Parenthood and its connection with a possible government shutdown over spending going towards Planned Parenthood. Cruz, Christie, and Fiorina were all willing to force a government shutdown over spending for Planned Parenthood without having all of their facts straight (GOP Candidates, 2). Fiorina alluded to videos of Planned Parenthood officials “bartering and selling the body parts of human beings” and asked President Obama and Hillary Clinton to watch videos of a fetus on a table with doctors saying they must keep it alive to harvest it’s brain (GOP Candidates, 3). The videos which Fiorina and others were speaking of do not actually exist. These politicians want to cut funding to Planned Parenthood even though only 4% of Planned Parenthood affiliates work with research of fetuses, while the other 96% help women with family planning and other services (GOP Candidates,

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